Aspire AP School

An Alternative Provision Independent School.

Creating Opportunity

We are committed to ensuring the school is a place where pupils are exposed to a range of opportunities including games, cooking, outdoor activities, day trips and even overseas travel to majority world contexts.

Welcome to Aspire AP

We are an Alternative Provision Independent School that assists children aged 11 to 16 who have reached a crisis point in their academic experience due to some behaviour which may communicate a deeper underlying need. Our school aims to meet young people's particular social, emotional, and learning requirements. We aim to re-engage young people back into learning, supporting them to develop a value and joy in school and in the process to 'learn how to learn.'

This goal is delivered within a Christian ethos and principle which drives how we work. We want our pupils to hope for their future by understanding how love, kindness and mercy demonstrated to others strengthens relationships in school and beyond.

Aspire AP School Calender

  • Autumn term 2021
    Monday 13th September 2021

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    * Closed Half Term 25/10/21 to 09/10/21

    Friday 17th December 2021

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  • Spring term 2022
    Thursday 6th January 2022

    Term Starts

    * Closed Half Term 21/02/22 to 25/02/22

    Friday 8th April 2022

    Term Ends

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Family Support

In addition to working with your child in school, we are eager to assist our students' parents, caregivers, and relatives in any way we can. Our staff will call you shortly after the referral interview to explore how they can support you.

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Ofsted Inspections

Aspire AP School is registered with the Department of Education as an independent school and is subject to Ofsted inspections under the Education Inspection Framework. In our most recent inspection in February 2018, Ofsted rated us as a GOOD school once again!

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Our Vision

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    To address young people's social, emotional, and learning requirements while encouraging self-efficacy.
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    To engage young people in learning and higher-quality thinking so that they can think more skillfully than they would otherwise.
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    To allow young people to manage their emotions, communicate with others effectively, and eventually regulate and boost their own learning. Assist in reintegration into a mainstream school or onto further education or employment.

Our Values

Providing Support:

We are committed to providing the wrap around support that young people and their families need so as to enable pupils to overcome barriers beyond the school that may be hindering their education.

Building Resilience:

We are committed to equipping students with the principles and life skills that will enable them to progress despite the challenges that they may have faced in life.

Creating Opportunity:

We are committed to ensuring the school is a place where pupils are given extensive extra-curricular opportunities such as games, cooking, outdoor activities, day trips and even overseas travel so as to expand their exposure.

Enabling Achievement:

We are committed to ensure pupils progress from their base line assessment, particularly in core subjects. We want to ensure that they are well prepared to succeed in examinations and are able to move on seamlessly to their next chapter in life, whether that be education, training or employment.


What they say


The curriculum is well planned and sequenced. Teachers use appropriate assessments to find out what pupils know and can do. Teachers then map out the knowledge and skills that pupils need to learn over time. Teachers have the appropriate knowledge for the subjects that they teach. As a result, pupils are well prepared for their next stage in education or training.


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